+. 3-6 months before your session: Book your session by submitting your session retainer & contract! This secures your dates & locks them down for your senior session date!
+. 2-4 months before your session: Time to start prepping! Once you’ve booked, we’ll send you awesome resources to help you prepare the portrait perfectly!

  • Session day: Your photo shoot day is finally here! Time to have a blast with the AKP session team!
  • About 2-3 weeks after your senior portrait session, you’ll receive the link to your session gallery! You’ll be able to download every image in your gallery and place your order for any products, including canvases, albums, and more!
  • 3-4 weeks after you place your product order, your gorgeous
    heirloom products will b delivered to your doorstep and ready to
    display in your home!
  • CLASS OF 2023: It’s finally your turn! Are you ready?!? Let’s get your senior session scheduled today! DM me with your email address, and I’ll send you our 2022 Senior Welcome Guide that will answer all your questions & show what you want to be an AKP client is all about!

The AKP Client Experience Timeline: from booking to image gallery delivery, here’s what to expect…

Today is ALL ABOUT YOU, my friend! Heck yes! Today is GET TO KNOW YOUR CUSTOMERS DAY and I would LOVE to spend some time today getting to know YOU!

Pick one of the categories below and SPILL IT! Tell me all the things! Eeeek! I’m so excited about this!

  1. Your FAVES: food, movies, books, ice cream flavor, vacation spot, animal, whatever! I wanna know what you love!
  2. Your FEARS: spiders, heights, crowds, pants that have a zipper? Tell me what makes your skin crawl!
  3. Your FUN: Travel, gardening, camping, hiking, baking? How do you spend your past time?

When you comment with yours, I’ll tell you mine!


This is one of the most exciting times of your life and it’s time to document a new chapter! Why not include that next chapter with a few pics from your senior session?

#1. ACCEPTANCE BANNER: when you get your big acceptance letter in the mail, keep the banner they send you! Bring it to your session and pull it out for a few pics! Another great idea is to include one of these college pics on your grad announcement so you can tell everyone where you’re going in the fall!

#2. T-SHIRT / HOODIE: college gear is so exciting once you get your acceptance, and a great way to tell everyone where you’ll be spending your next four years is by wearing your new school in a few of your pictures!

#3. COLLEGE FLAG: this is a favorite of ours! Bring your collegiate flag and we’ll fly it with pride during your senior session!

DID YOU KNOW: All AKP clients have the opportunity to come back and do a college mini with their college gear every April! So, even if you book with us in the fall, you can still have images taken with your banner or hoodie in the spring!

Class of 2022 – it’s your turn! Are you ready?!? We are currently booking for July-October this fall and if you want one of those spots, let us know! E-mail us at hello@aprilkroenke.com to grab one of our dates and we’ll get your booking process started right away!

Ok, SENIORS & JUNIORS! This one’s for you! Here are 3 ways to incorporate your college into your senior pictures!

The NUMBER ONE fear my clients have is that they’re not going to know what to do when it comes to posing for their pics! When we actually get to the end of the session, my clients always say, “OMG – I had no idea it was going to be that easy and so much fun!” Let’s talk about 3 WAYS I CAN HELP YOU WITH POSING ANXIETY!

1. I’m going to actually SHOW you how I want you to pose! I’ll get in the pose myself so that you can actually see how it should look! This way, there are no doubts about what it should look like!

2. I also like to take plenty of TIME when it comes to posing my clients! I refuse to rush through a pose because that’s only going to make you even more nervous! We’ll go slow & easy!

3. We’re also going to keep your poses NATURAL! I will actually look for your natural mannerisms to see what kind of posing we should do to reflect your natural personality!

Are you ready to have a BLAST at your senior session without any worries?!?! Let’s connect! Contact me at aprilkroenke.com/contact and leave me your email. Then I’ll e-mail you our senior magazine that has even more details about our client experience!

The #1 fear my clients have is…

Just a few weeks ago, Lindsay came to the studio for her Senior Portrait Experience.  We ventured off to Tyson’s Corner in Lampasas here in Central Texas. 

I love Lindsay’s sense of style, Country Chic with a touch of Glam.  She truly is a country girl at heart.  She loves listening to music, going to concerts, and country dancing. Lindsay LOVES fashion, hair and make-up.  Of course, she is seriously in-the-know when it comes to the latest trends. This traveller at heart believes in First Class all the way!

When asked to give me one sentence or phrase that best describes her, Lindsay offered in true Texas fashion, “The bigger the hair, the closer to Jesus.”  She is a Jesus girl and her faith is very important to her!  

Lindsay rounded out her time in high school with Cheerleading and working.  Lindsay is looking forward to attending TCU in 2015 and majoring in Nursing.  After getting to know Lindsay, I see her compassion and empathy. Without a doubt, her future is very bright and she will make an excellent nurse one day.

When I asked her what she thought about her images she said they were “The pictures are absolutely AMAZING!” 

Lindsay’s Senior Session Revisited

Individual sense of style, a fresh look and a bit of bohemian fashion made for a spectacular Fall Senior Portrait session. 

I had the pleasure of capturing beautiful images of Caitlyn during her senior portrait experience, here in Central Texas.  I love how she has her own sense of style.  Caitlyn is such a natural beauty inside and out with a natural fresh face look. Her style tends to be natural with a touch of bohemian.  

The location we choose for her session helped showcase her free spirit and her love of music as well as her style shine through in her images.  For Caitlyn, comfort is key when choosing clothing and nothing tops a great find at vintage shops.  

She spends her free time singing, playing guitar, watching movies, hang out with friends, and sleeping. Through high school, she has been singing, playing the guitar/ukulele/piano, drawing and painting. All of that while balancing swimming, student council, french club, National Honors Society, and modeling!  

Caitlyn is looking forward to attending college at John Cabot University and studying Art and Architecture.  I’m so excited about all the great things she is sure to accomplish!!!

Caitlynn’s Senior Session Revisited

We all have a unique story to tell.  We all go through different things in our lives so great and some not so great.  But it is those things that make us who we are.  They are woven into the life that we live.

Hunter, too, has his own story.  When he was a Freshman he suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury where he had to have a trach.  When we were talking about his senior session and his story he wanted to tell, he told me that he wanted to keep his scare in all of his pictures.  I applauded him for that, for being true to his authentic self.  

What do you want to say in your senior session story?  Contact me today so we can start planning your Senior Session Experience.

Hunter: Senior Session Revisited

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