+. 3-6 months before your session: Book your session by submitting your session retainer & contract! This secures your dates & locks them down for your senior session date!
+. 2-4 months before your session: Time to start prepping! Once you’ve booked, we’ll send you awesome resources to help you prepare the portrait perfectly!

  • Session day: Your photo shoot day is finally here! Time to have a blast with the AKP session team!
  • About 2-3 weeks after your senior portrait session, you’ll receive the link to your session gallery! You’ll be able to download every image in your gallery and place your order for any products, including canvases, albums, and more!
  • 3-4 weeks after you place your product order, your gorgeous
    heirloom products will b delivered to your doorstep and ready to
    display in your home!
  • CLASS OF 2023: It’s finally your turn! Are you ready?!? Let’s get your senior session scheduled today! DM me with your email address, and I’ll send you our 2022 Senior Welcome Guide that will answer all your questions & show what you want to be an AKP client is all about!

The AKP Client Experience Timeline: from booking to image gallery delivery, here’s what to expect…

We are here to dispel the rumors and get it straight!

Lie #1: “All senior pics are the same.” Ummm… no. Senior pictures can range from $ to $$$, dark and moody edits to bright and colorful edits, studio to natural light and everything in between. And even on top of the images themselves, the session experience can range from none at all to an entire day full of prepping, getting glam, etc. Every experience is different and finding the right photographer for you should involve comparisons between the different images produced and the different experience provided.

Lie #2: “Professional pics aren’t important.” Yikes. Yes… they are. You are smack in the middle of what we like to call a “life event” stage. What is a life event? Something you cannot do over again. Newborn pictures, wedding pictures, and senior pictures are literally the only kind of portraiture that cannot be reproduced at a later date. You’re only a senior about to embark on the rest of your life ONE TIME EVER. This is it. Hiring a professional is so important to make sure that this time of your life is properly documented. Trusting just anyone with such an important task is a real gamble on the only thing you’ll have to remember this moment in your life by.

Lie #3: “Senior pics aren’t a big deal.” See above. Really… the next time you’re going to take pictures like this? You’ll be likely wearing a white dress or dressed in a tux and pledging your life the someone you love. AKA your wedding!

If you are finally ready to document such an incredible time in your life, fill out our contact form, and we’ll send you our Class of 2022 Senior Magazine & get you booked for one of our July – October dates!

CLASS OF 2022: You’ve been lied to about senior pictures!

This is one of the most exciting times of your life and it’s time to document a new chapter! Why not include that next chapter with a few pics from your senior session?

#1. ACCEPTANCE BANNER: when you get your big acceptance letter in the mail, keep the banner they send you! Bring it to your session and pull it out for a few pics! Another great idea is to include one of these college pics on your grad announcement so you can tell everyone where you’re going in the fall!

#2. T-SHIRT / HOODIE: college gear is so exciting once you get your acceptance, and a great way to tell everyone where you’ll be spending your next four years is by wearing your new school in a few of your pictures!

#3. COLLEGE FLAG: this is a favorite of ours! Bring your collegiate flag and we’ll fly it with pride during your senior session!

DID YOU KNOW: All AKP clients have the opportunity to come back and do a college mini with their college gear every April! So, even if you book with us in the fall, you can still have images taken with your banner or hoodie in the spring!

Class of 2022 – it’s your turn! Are you ready?!? We are currently booking for July-October this fall and if you want one of those spots, let us know! E-mail us at hello@aprilkroenke.com to grab one of our dates and we’ll get your booking process started right away!

Ok, SENIORS & JUNIORS! This one’s for you! Here are 3 ways to incorporate your college into your senior pictures!

I am super excited to announce that April Kroenke Photography is moving to Iola, KS! We will be serving Iola, Humboldt, Colony, Moran, LeRoy, Yates Center, Chanute, and all of Southeast Kansas. Our studio focuses on High School Senior Portraits, Families, Personal Branding, and Beauty/Boudoir Portraits for Women.

High School Senior Photographer Iola Kansas Boudoir Photographer Southeast Kansas Photographer

I was recently home over Spring Break and knew that I was was moving back to our hometown, which is wonderful after all these years of traveling the world with the military. So I reached out to some contacts in the area and just started looking at locations that would possibly work to move my photography studio home.

While looking at one location Jonathan from Thrive was there looking at the same space and mentioned as we were leaving that he had what he thought was the perfect location for me and the studio. When he mentioned the old Iola State Bank building where Audacious Boutique has been for the last 10 or 12 years, I thought, “OMG! That is the major cornerstone of the city square with big beautiful windows and lots of natural light”. So, of course, I said yes, I have to see this building!

Let me just tell you I am excited to say that I have signed the lease on this beautiful historic building and to move back to Iola after all these years. The things I have planned and am putting into motion is going to be some truly beautiful!

If you are a parent of or a senior of Class of 2022, be on the look out for our Grand Opening Special this summer when we arrive!!! Don’t want to wait?!?! Contact me today to learn more and get on our calendar before we even open!

See you all soon!!!!


We are moving!!!!

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