I get a lot of Iola and area seniors who come to me nervous about their session day. Not about the pictures, but more about the preparation for their senior picture day. They ask me, “What if I forget something?!” Well, the following list should help ease your mind while you get ready for your big day!

4 ways to prep for a smooth senior session day:

1. Put each full outfit on ONE hanger. This helps you see your clothes put together as whole collections instead of just pieces. This will help you see if you’re missing anything on each outfit. Don’t forget to include shoes for each outfit as well!

2. Start a senior session Pinterest board and include ideas for makeup and hair inspiration. When you book with AKP, you can have multiple looks, so this will help remind you of the different varieties you like. Having these images to show our makeup artist will help her apply the vision you want.

3. Pair your accessories with each outfit. This is one of the most forgotten items for session day. Include a Ziplock bag of the accessory pouches for EACH outfit so you know what jewelry goes with each different outfit.

4. The last thing you’ll want to do is pack an EMERGENCY KIT!  Did you know that we actually have a FREE GUIDE to help you know what to pack just in case you have a session day emergency?!? We do! Click HERE to grab that guide to help you remain fully prepared and calm on your senior session day! 

And don’t forget that when you hire April Kroenke Photography, you will receive a welcome packet full of tips and tricks for getting ready for your big shoot! We include everything from a face and nail prep guide, a what to wear magazine, and even a final packing checklist before you leave for your session! Ready to book today? Connect with us with our contact form and we’ll get your booking process started!

4 Ways to Prep for a Smooth Senior Session Day

I would say that one of the biggest concerns seniors have when it comes to their graduation pictures is what to wear. You want to look trendy, but classic and fashion forward without being futuristic, am I right? 

There are a few things you can do when putting your outfits together that can give you a more dynamic set of images that will add variety and interest to your session wardrobe set! 

Want to know how to curate your senior portrait perfect wardrobe?!? We’ve got you covered! 

Let’s discuss all the ways to make sure your outfit choices are perfectly planned for your senior session day! 

A. VARIETY is everything! Make sure that your outfits aren’t all dresses, jeans, or shorts. Try to incorporate a variety of not only pieces, but style as well (like urban, organic, casual, and sophisticated). 

B. COLORS matter! Do you know what colors look best on your skin tone?!? This can make or break the glow & color your skin gives off in your portraits.

C. Stay TRUE TO YOU! While it may be fun to wear bold patterns and colors because your friend did it and it looked great in her pics, if you normally wouldn’t wear those threads, it’s best not to. Stay true to what you would normally wear to best represent yourself. 

D. Stay classic with a TWIST OF TREND! While oversized sweatshirts & bike shorts are all the rage right now, err on the side of classic sophistication for your session day. You never want to look back on your senior pics in 5 years and say, “What the heck was I thinking?!?” 

E. Download our FREE Skin Tones Guide to help you find out what your perfect colors are so you can look your best for your senior session!  This guide will help you find out if you have neutral, warm, or cool undertones so you’ll know what colors look best on you! 

How to Curate your Session Wardrobe

“Woah April… isn’t it a little early to book my senior pics?” HECK NO! And let me tell you why (hint…there’s perks to booking early)!

We usually book out about 3-6 months in advance. Yes… THAT EARLY! WHY?!? Because we like to prepare for your senior session in advance so that it isn’t a hurried thrown together mess the day of your session. So that means if you want a Spring session, the Fall before is the time to book! 

Here’s a few reasons why booking early is the best choice:

#1. You actually get a BETTER CHOICE OF DATES when you book early! Think about it… the entire calendar of our available dates is at your disposal! Pick your fave season and then book a date! It’s yours!

#2.  Booking early means you get MORE PREP TIME for senior session perfection! You don’t want this to be a rushed event in your life… take your time, prep for any last minute needs, and have the session of a lifetime!

#3.  Booking your date early in your senior year means that if any RESCHEDULES need to happen due to rain, or pandemic closures, etc, there will still be plenty of dates to choose from for your senior session. No need to panic!

We also want YOU to have as much input as possible so that your senior session is incredibly customized to your personality, inspiration, and vision. Let us walk you through what that entails:

#4. We also hold your fashion consult 2-4 weeks before your session so that you have time to pick up any last minute pieces needed to complete your perfect looks! 

#5. We also want to give you plenty of time to schedule your hair and nail appointments for that pre-session day mani/pedi and highlight application or root touch up! 

And guess what? We also want YOU to have as much input as possible so that your senior session is incredibly customized to your personality, inspiration, and vision. Let us walk you through what that entails:

#6. Pinterest Planning: we want YOUR input when it comes to your session and that means you get to start a Pinterest board full of ideas for your senior pics! Pin colors, poses, location, hair, makeup and outfit ideas to help us shape your senior session to the way you want it!

#7. Fashion Consult: this happens 4-6 weeks from your session and you’ll leave knowing exactly what you’re wearing at every single location and what accessories you’ll be pairing your outfit with too!

#8. Hair & Makeup Planning: you’ll also know what your makeup and hair will look like long before your session day! This will help take off session day stress so it will be easy breezy!

THAT is why booking with AKP EARLY is so very important! A lot goes into creating a custom senior portrait session and we love to plan it out well in advance. So why not connect with us TODAY to get started on your custom senior portrait session with AKP!?!

8 Reasons to Book Your Senior Portraits Early

1. Self-Tanning: spray, airbrush, or any color tanner can leave you looking orange and can make your ankles, wrists, and knuckles even look dirty. Ew.

2. A Big Chop: don’t cut your hair any more than a refreshing trim right before your session. If you hate a big chop, it’ll be documented forever in your pictures.

3. Hair Dye: the same goes for hair color. Freshen up your look with your usual color / highlights, but don’t make a drastic change.

4. Skin Peels: just say no to facial peels 3 weeks before your session. It could leave your face red, blotchy and even peeling.

5. Don’t Change your Face Routine: trying new facial products could leave your skin looking dry or even worse, with a huge breakout. Yikes!

Want some extra tips on how to prep your wardrobe for your senior session!? Grab our FREEBIE at our link in bio on Instagram!

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I know one of the BIGGEST CONCERNS my seniors have is their skin on the day of their session. Have no fear! At AKP, we have consulted industry experts & they have given us the top three secrets to help you prep your face for portrait perfection!

#1. Avoid salicylic acid: Try to avoid using products containing salicylic acid at least 3 days before your appointment. It can leave your skin red and extremely dry which can look patchy and textured.

#2. Exfoliate your face: Exfoliate with a physical exfoliator at least 2 days prior to your application session. It will help reduce dry patches and texturing. It will also smooth your skin which will make your airbrush foundation apply smoothly to your face.

#3. Moisturize your face: Wash your face thoroughly before your session and apply a hydrating moisturizer. The foundation will apply more evenly if your face is prepped and ready before any color is applied.

These are just a few of the many tips and tricks we give our seniors in our famous session prep education! If you are looking for a photographer who will help you every step of the way for your senior portrait experience, connect with us!


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