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Class Of 2024 Seniors: Want To Know What To Wear For Your Spring Session

SENIORS: Stop Making This Senior Pic Mistake That Could RUIN Your Senior

Let Me
Re-Introduce Myself

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I'm april — wife, mother to two young adults, holy yoga yogi, photographer to busy teens and women on a mission.

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The senior homecoming game and danceare super fun events most seniors have been excited about since school started in August! The worst thing that can happen is getting so wrapped up in the festivities that you forget to take photos! Use this quick homecoming photo checklist to make sure you capture all the important aspects […]

Senior Year

FREE: Homecoming Photo Checklist!

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As we turn a new chapter over and start prepping for the Class of 2023, I thought I would introduce myself to you! I am April, owner of April Kroenke Photography! Here’s a few things about me & how I run AKP: 1. We believe in providing bold, bright, and happy pics that focus on the TRUE […]


Let Me Re-Introduce Myself

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FILL IN THE BLANK: This year, my WORD is _____________. A lot of New Year’s resolutions revolve around an idea like finding peace, being more present, gaining growth, making progress, etc. But I want to know, if you just had one WORD for 2021, what would it be? If I had to fill in the […]


Word of the year…

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During this past year of 2020 I started to be more intentional on my prayer journal. With COVID-19 pausing my studio for most of this year since we have been deemed as a non-essential business throughout much of this year. I have taken the time to shift my thinking. You see if would of been […]


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