Spring is the season for all the fun & flirty trends! 2023 trends for spring are more romantic textures like draped fabrics, sheers, ruffles, and lace in muted tones of white, beige, and very light pastels. 3D floral embellishments are also making their way into fashion to set the mood for this season.

As far as casual looks go, opt for lighter-washed denim in relaxed cuts with a pop of a spring pastel on top in a form-fitting bodice. This will offset the mass of your jeans and not swallow your body whole.

We’re also going to see a lot of white this spring and summer as trends are leaning more toward simple styles like white shift dresses, wide-legged trousers, and oversized white linen blazers.

Want more fashion tips for your senior session, no matter the season? Click on our link in the bio and select freebies to download our FREE guide!

Class of 2024 Seniors: Want to know what to wear for your upcoming SPRING SENIOR SESSION?!? We’ve got you covered!

  • Snacks & Water: The best way to stay fresh throughout your senior session is to stay hydrated and fed! Believe it or not, these sessions can take it out of you, and being prepared with some good calories and H2O is never a wrong decision! Bring snacks that you can easily pop into your mouth without having to bite them, and bring a straw to drink your water – these tips will SAVE your lipstick!
  • Bug Spray: Depending on where your session is, we recommend bringing bug spray with you to keep all the mosquitos and other flying terrors at bay. Make sure it doesn’t dry to a powder, which can accidentally turn your clothes white where you spray it.
  • An Extra Outfit: Here’s the deal… things happen. One moment you’re changing for your next outfit, and you suddenly hear a big rip at the back of your dress. OH NO. Sometimes things like this happen, and it’s always good to have a backup outfit to replace it.
  • Lotion: Want that beautiful sheen to your skin that you see in magazines? That fashion secret is all about the lotion! Moisturized skin photographs are much better than dry skin and can make you look fresh and dewy from the inside out!

SENIORS: here’s a FREE checklist for 5 out-the-door items to bring to your session!

Looking for a photographer to help you not stress out before your session? Find one with many detailed resources to help you prepare for your session. For example, guides that can help you with what colors to wear, how to prep your face and nails, etc.

Looking for a senior portrait experience where you have to wake up and show up? Find a photographer who offers makeup and hair services on the day of your session. That way, you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself. Looking for a natural editing process? Find a photog who showcases images where their clients have skin texture and pores. Also, pay attention to tones and colors to ensure they’re realistic.

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Looking for more than a digital image gallery when it’s all said and done? Look for a portrait photographer who offers a variety of products like canvases, albums, storyboards, images, boxes, and more.

Looking for a photographer who offers ALL of the above?!? Look no further! At AKP, we pride ourselves on a client experience unlike any other! We not only help our clients have a stress-free session by helping them prepare with pre-session guides as well as makeup and hair styling the day of, but we also strive for an organic editing process that will leave you with skin texture and pores and complete the experience by offering a wide variety of heirloom products!

Are we the perfect match?!? DM us your email address, and we’ll send you our detailed client magazine that shares our session prices, client timeline, FAQs, and more!

Let’s play SENIOR PHOTOGRAPHER MATCHMAKER! Tell me what you’re looking for, and I’ll set you up with your dream senior photographer who can give you exactly what you’re looking for!

Here are 5 things you can do to get your pics seen:

  1. Share your session BTS on your stories. Snap some selfies, outfit videos, etc.; if your photographer tags you in their stories, share those images and videos with your audience. Your friends are going to want to see your senior session experience!
  2. When your sneak peeks are ready, post them on your feed & have your friends share them with their audience too! Ask your photographer to add you as a collaborator to their post so you can showcase your sneaks in your feed.
  3. Write up a testimonial & share it with your friends on your IG. Tell everyone you loved your senior session experience, photographer, and images. Bonus points if you post a video testimonial!
  4. Show off those stunning products. Whenever your album, canvases, or grad cards come in, show them to your friends by posting them in your stories on your IG! Tag your photographer so they can show their audience too!
  5. Use the opportunity of “Senior Sunday” to slowly leak a few of your fave senior pics every weekend. Share a few from one outfit or a variety from your session that you want all your friends to see. Don’t forget to tag your photog so they can leverage their audience for more views and engagement on your pics!

Ready for stunning senior pictures that you can’t wait to show off?!? We are currently booking for spring senior sessions, and our availability is running out! We only have 12 sessions left between March & April so now is the time to book! DM us or complete our contact form in the link in the bio to book one of our final dates for the Class of 2023!

Ready to make ALL your friends jealous of your senior pics?!?

Session day to gallery delivery: This includes culling through your session and editing your images; depending on which collection you choose, we will have an ordering appointment or digital delivery. You’ll have digitals between 2 – 3 weeks after your senior session at the most basic image delivery. If you want grad cards, albums, and other products, you’ll need to add a few more weeks to your end goal timeline.

Grad card design to card delivery: from the moment you place your order with AKP, we work hard to get your grad cards designed, proofed, confirmed, printed and delivered to your doorstep within 2-3 weeks. Remember to send out graduation and party invitations at least four weeks in advance if you want to give people enough time to plan to come.

Senior products design to delivery: if you’d like to have an album, signing portrait, gift prints, and canvases displayed at your grad party, you’ll want to order those products at least three weeks before your grad festivities.

So, if you plan on sending out graduation and party invitations, you’ll want to book your session four weeks in advance to ensure you have plenty of time to invite your family, friends, and loved ones. For this time, you’ll need to book your session for early March. If you’re planning on only sending out grad announcements, you’ll want to book your session at least four weeks before your festivities. This means that you’ll want to book your session, at the very latest, in early-April

Are you panicking yet?!?! Don’t worry! We still have a few March and early April sessions left! DM us your email address, and we’ll send you our AKP client magazine, complete with our session pricing, timeline, testimonials, faqs, and more!

To make sure you have your senior pictures ready for your grad card orders, grad party, and senior slide shows, let’s look at the AKP timeline to find out how far in advance you’ll want to have your session:

If YOU have 2023 SENIOR who will be graduating this year, go out to all the party supply stores this week and grab alllllll the New Year’s 2022 decor at HUGE SAVINGS! Just think about all the money you can save for their upcoming 2023 Grad party!

Things to think about for your senior’s 2023 Grad festivities:

  1. Party Photo Props: grab those crazy 2023 glasses, hats, headbands, squawkers, foil horns, clappers, and metallic leis & bead necklaces! They’ll make GREAT photo ops for your senior and her friends at her grad party!
  2. Party Table Decor: save on all the 2022 confetti and tablescape items like garland, centerpieces, balloon weights, and table covers!
  3. General Party Decor: 2023 mylar balloons, hanging stars, banner signs, foil swirls, paper fans, etc. It’s all on sale with HUGE discounts right now!
    And don’t forget about the MOST IMPORTANT grad party decoration of all: your SENIOR’S PROFESSIONAL PORTRAITS! Next month I will be going into detail about how to use your senior’s pictures to customize their grad party, so go ahead and connect with me since I am currently booking for January, February & March! I only have a limited number of spots left for the Class of 2022! Book your session today!

PRO TIP for all my 2023 Senior PARENTS out there!

+. 3-6 months before your session: Book your session by submitting your session retainer & contract! This secures your dates & locks them down for your senior session date!
+. 2-4 months before your session: Time to start prepping! Once you’ve booked, we’ll send you awesome resources to help you prepare the portrait perfectly!

  • Session day: Your photo shoot day is finally here! Time to have a blast with the AKP session team!
  • About 2-3 weeks after your senior portrait session, you’ll receive the link to your session gallery! You’ll be able to download every image in your gallery and place your order for any products, including canvases, albums, and more!
  • 3-4 weeks after you place your product order, your gorgeous
    heirloom products will b delivered to your doorstep and ready to
    display in your home!
  • CLASS OF 2023: It’s finally your turn! Are you ready?!? Let’s get your senior session scheduled today! DM me with your email address, and I’ll send you our 2022 Senior Welcome Guide that will answer all your questions & show what you want to be an AKP client is all about!

The AKP Client Experience Timeline: from booking to image gallery delivery, here’s what to expect…

I get a lot of seniors who come to me nervous about their session day. Not about the pictures but more of the preparation for the day. They ask me, “What if I forget something?!” The following list should help ease your mind while you prepare for your big day!

  1. Put each full outfit on ONE hanger. This helps you see your clothes as whole collections instead of just pieces. This will help you see if you’re missing anything on each outfit.
  2. Start a senior session Pinterest board and include makeup and hair inspiration ideas. When you book with April Kroenke Photography, you get multiple looks, which will help remind you of the different varieties you like.
  3. Pair your accessories with each outfit. This is one of the most forgotten items for session day. Include a Ziploc bag or accessory pouch for EACH outfit, so you know what jewelry goes with each outfit.

BONUS: The last thing you’ll want to do is pack an EMERGENCY KIT! Did you know we have a FREE GUIDE to help you know what to pack in case of a session day emergency?!? We do! Click on our link in your bio & grab that guide to help you remain fully prepared and calm on your senior session day!


Here are the differences between our three all-inclusive session

Simplicity Collection:

Essential Collection: for the minimalist senior who wants makeup application
& hairstyling, a few outfit & location options, a quick session, and a
downloadable online gallery of session images

Luxe Collection: for the senior who wants not only makeup and hair,
but to stay looking fresh & updated throughout her session with
an on-location makeup artist, several outfit & location changes, a
downloadable gallery of images, and a stunning album

Elite Collection: for the ultimate senior experience, this session includes
everything in the luxe session plus the freedom to build your own
portrait product collection including canvases, storyboards, grad
cards, and more

Ready to book one of these session options for your Class of 2023
senior pictures session? Connect with us at our link in bio by clicking
the “contact” option and we’ll get your booking process started

Not sure which April Kroenke Photography session is right for you?!?

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