Here’s what AKP WON’T DO for you when it comes to your Senior portraits! Ooooh, yes! We are going there TODAY!

1. Stiff Poses. We prefer you to stand how you would normally stand or sit like you normally would so we can capture the real you.
2. Make your skin look like plastic. We LOVE to see your freckles and natural-looking skin.
3. Leaving you wondering what to do or how to plan. We have a whole client prep page to make things easier for you and your parents, and even a what to wear guide for inspiration. (idea: something about session prep)

Not the kind of post you thought it would be, huh? We love creating a higher standard for Senior photography and to us, that means helping and walking our clients through this process to create the best images for them. Images that you will look back on and love and not cringe about later.

So, if you’re ready for a higher standard of Senior pictures, book your session today!


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