As we turn a new chapter over and start prepping for the Class of 2023, I thought I would introduce myself to you! I am April, owner of April Kroenke Photography!

Here’s a few things about me & how I run AKP:

1. We believe in providing bold, bright, and happy pics that focus on the TRUE AUTHENTIC YOU. We’re not interested in creating someone you’re not… we want your senior pics to showcase your personality, style, and vibes while providing you with an incredible experience that you won’t find anywhere else. 

2. Two truths and a lie a – I made 3 of my 4 Prom dresses in high school, I have lived in Europe, and I went to Lincoln Elementary School.

3. Something ridiculous about myself – I am not afraid to act like a foul to make my clients laugh. It always lighten the mood and makes them laugh because they can not believe an adult is willing to do that so they will be more comfortable during their senior session.

4. Why I became a photographer – I have always enjoyed telling stories through photographs since I was a young girl in 4-H. Over the years it just progressed in high school journalism, then in college. Once I had kids, I recorded everything in pictures, just ask them,,,they HATED to have their pictures taken for the longest time. Over time I started noticing trends in our society basically telling our teens in a subtle way that they are NOT ENOUGH. I wanted to combat that and to show them that they ARE ENOUGH and who is it for SOCIETY to that they are not enough. Our teens go through so much and see so much more than we ever did at their age, that I feel that it is my calling to help be a light and a positive voice for them no matter what little bit of interaction we might have in the big scheme of their life. 

5. During my own senior session, I wanted something that was unique to me. That showed my personality, style, cheerleading (which I was passionate about) in a different) My photographer had unique ideas and locations that my other class members did not have. That is why I think it is important when you photograph many students from the same school you need to treat each of them as individuals and come up with things that are you unique to them to tell their unique story. 

Ready to book your senior session with AKP? Let’s get your Class of 2023 session booked! We’re currently only have a few spots left for July and August along with booking for this fall, and sessions are selling out like crazy! Get in touch with us through our website at and we’ll get your booking process started today!

Let Me Re-Introduce Myself

July 3, 2022

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I am excited to work with you to create a one of a kind senior session for you that will tell the story of who you are right now!

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I'm April! A portrait photographer based in Iola, KS. I just love all of my clients and hope to work with you some day to capture the memories you want to keep near and dear for years to come!

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