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The ERAS TOUR: but make it senior pic fashion!


September 22, 2023

Attention all 2024 Senior SWIFTIES: Want to pay homage to Taylor’s iconic fashion in your senior pictures? Let’s do this!

A super fun way to reference your love for Taylor during your senior session is to dedicate one of your senior session outfits to one of her eras! Think about it! How much fun would that be?! Not sure how to make it happen? I’m here to help!

Here’s a what to wear guide when it comes to incorporating TSwift’s Eras into your senior picture wardrobe:

– Taylor Swift: this is when Taylor entered the limelight dressed in all-American country boho from head to toe! For this look, opt for a rustic styled maxi dress paired with cowboy boots and loose, tousled locks! Don’t forget to bring your guitar for a fun prop!

– Fearless: for this look, glam it up with super fun night-on-the-town trends like gold metallic fringe and bodycon dresses while still pairing these looks with a bit of country chic flair like metallic boots to match

– Speak Now: this style is for all the romantics out there! Let sparks fly with softer fabrics like sheer tulles in pastel shades like lavender in feminine silhouettes. Opt for floral appliques or shimmery textures to take this style to the next level.

– Red: if you love a nod to Audrey Hepburn, this look is for you! Curate a look with retro stripes and high waisted shorts paired with ballet flats for a fun Red Taylor look. And don’t forget that signature red lip!

– 1989: this STYLE is for the ultimate hipster at heart! Go for form fitting shorts with tights, tailored pleats, peek-a-boo crop tops, and skirts for this retro yet bold look!

– Reputation: Are you ready for it? If black is your favorite color, this style is perfect for you. This look is all about gothy-chic trends like leather, fishnets, dramatic bodysuits and upscale grunge! Throw on some over the knee boots and you’ve got this style nailed.

– Lover: Let’s calm it down with Taylor’s ethereal era! For this look, opt for everything from punchy pastels and shimmery sequins, to sheer fabrics and statement sleeves, and bubble gum pink tones! This look is all about color and fun!

– Folklore & Evermore: this gorgeous cottagecore look features billowy maxi dresses with tons of fabric in tiers and ruffles! Opt for romantic elements like corset bodices lace edging in fall tones like the leaves.

Midnights: galaxy hues and celestial elements are the showcase of this mystic look. You can’t go wrong with shimmery bits and baubled pieces in shades running the spectrum from deep navy and lavender haze. Don’t forget to keep it in the 70’s era with retro elements like shag layers and discotheque styling.

So tell me… which era would YOU style a senior session outfit after? Tell me in the comments and I’ll tell you which one I’d use as inspo!

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Vanity Fair Glamour

High School Seniors


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The Journal Prompt I use EVERY MORNING

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I'm april —  a wife, mother to two young adults, holy yoga yogi, and photographer to very busy teens and women on a mission.