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Class Of 2024 Seniors: Want To Know What To Wear For Your Spring Session

SENIORS: Stop Making This Senior Pic Mistake That Could RUIN Your Senior

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I'm april — photographer to very busy teens and women on a mission.

Seniors & Senior Mommas! Want a FREE session prep timeline checklist?!? Check out this post!

Senior Session Prep

September 13, 2023

– Book your session 2-4 months before your session: Senior pictures are NOT the time wait until the last minute. Consider how busy senior year events will get! You’ll want to have your session booked with your top choice for photographer before they book out!

– Schedule your session consult 3-4 weeks out from your session day: If you hire us for your senior pics, we will look at all of your outfits and start deciding on what to keep and what to consider adding to outfits to polish them off. By the end of the session you’ll know exactly what you’re wearing, where you’re wearing it, and how your makeup and hair will match each outfit change!

– Get a hair refresh 1 week before your session. Remember to avoid drastic cuts or color while touching up your roots and highlights! Make sure to use a salon grade shampoo and conditioner that won’t turn your highlights or color brassy by the time your session takes place.

– Book a facial with your fave esthetician 1 week before your session to ensure that your skin is makeup ready on your big day. Exfoliation and moisturization are important for a smooth makeup application, so why not let the professionals handle it? This appointment can have your skin looking glowy and fresh for your big day!

– Start organizing your wardrobe and packing items 5 days out from your session. Hang each of your ironed and steamed outfits on a single hanger so you can see the full outfit together. Don’t forget to attach your shoes, belts, scarves, socks, and jewelry to each outfit for the final touch.

– Go shopping for last minute items as soon as you have all your outfits on hangers and planned out. This will help you see any final pieces you need to top off your outfits for portrait perfection. Take a quick pic of your outfit to look at in the store to make sure it’s a perfect fit.

– Get your manicure and pedicure done a day or two before your senior session. This will ensure your polish and cuticles are fresh and ready to frame your face and will allow for any redness or bleeding to heal with a great cuticle oil.

– The night before your session, make sure to get plenty of sleep – and you’ve earned it because you’ve fully prepared with the tips above!

Ready to get #1 checked off your list? Let’s get you booked for one our last available FALL senior
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High School Seniors


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The Journal Prompt I use EVERY MORNING

tell me more...

I'm april —  a wife, mother to two young adults, holy yoga yogi, and photographer to very busy teens and women on a mission.