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I'm april — photographer to very busy teens and women on a mission.

BARBIE PINK: it’s bold and beautiful and thanks to the hit movie, the IT color of the year!

Senior Session Fashion

September 6, 2023

Want to wear this stunning color for your senior pictures, but not sure how to make it portrait perfect? We’ve put together a free guide below to help you no matter where you’re at on the pink scale!

Here are 6 ways to incorporate BARBIE hot pink into your senior session wardrobe:

1. The tailored dress: whether it’s a party dress or a spring swing, this color in a dress is the perfect Barbie staple. Make sure to play it up with fun textures like tweed or feathers for an exciting look or floral prints and tiered ruffles for a more romantic style. Turn it up full blast and make this your formal dress color if you’re looking to turn heads!

2. Elemental accessories: if you’re a bit nervous to jump in head first, try this color on a small element of your outfit like your shoes, a headband, hair clips, or sunnies. These little flashes of color on a neutral basic (like white or denim) will be a fun pop without overwhelming your look.

3. Head to toe: go big or go home, right?!? If you’re all in on this pink that pops, why not opt for a two piece matching outfit or monochrome stacked look?! Match EVERYTHING – your shoes, your jewelry, and all your accessories for a stunning look, top to bottom!

4. Accent piece: want to dedicate your pop of color to one piece? Go for a hot pink blazer or bomber jacket that will set off your entire outfit! Or try hot pink trouser pants or a hot pink sweater! This allows you to dip your toe in the pink waters without fully committing.

5. Shades: if the hottest of pinks is too hot for you, opt for a different shade! Play with pastel tones of cotton candy or blush, and brighter shades like bubble gum and taffy pink to see which one is best for your features!

6. Makeup: a super fun way to add this super fun color to your senior pics is to not wear it in an outfit, but instead as a cosmetic! Consider adding a pop of color to your blush or eyeshadow, and of course your lips! Throwing on a bright shade of yummy pink lipstick with a neutral outfit (think black, white, or denim) will be the pop of color you’re looking for!

What do you think?!? Are YOU going to wear the color of the year in your senior pics?! If so, how are you
going to wear it? Let me know in the comments below!

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Vanity Fair Glamour

High School Seniors


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The Journal Prompt I use EVERY MORNING

tell me more...

I'm april —  a wife, mother to two young adults, holy yoga yogi, and photographer to very busy teens and women on a mission.