Graduation Tips & Tricks

We have gathered a few of the most forgotten items that seniors & their parents forget in the chaos that is moving day and we are sharing them below! We know it’s exciting to grab all the bedding and caddies, but don’t forget these top 5 college essentials:

#1. The IKEA Frakta Bag: massive holding power, yet able to collapse flat and be put away in a small space.

#2. Memory Foam Mattress Topper: we all know those dorm mattresses SUCK. Throw on a 4” topper to make them 100 times more comfy.

#3. Power Strips: you can never have enough. Pack extra just in case.

#4. Removable Wallpaper: want to take a dorm room from prison cell chic to high end hotel? Removable wall paper is the answer. It’s quick & easy with a big impact!

#5. Command Hooks: grab all the different kinds in all the different sizes – they will save your life on move-in day. Trust us.

SENIORS & PARENTS: what else will come in handy on move in day?!? Let us know in the comments below!

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