The NUMBER ONE fear my clients have is that they’re not going to know what to do when it comes to posing for their pics! When we actually get to the end of the session, my clients always say, “OMG – I had no idea it was going to be that easy and so much fun!” Let’s talk about 3 WAYS I CAN HELP YOU WITH POSING ANXIETY!

1. I’m going to actually SHOW you how I want you to pose! I’ll get in the pose myself so that you can actually see how it should look! This way, there are no doubts about what it should look like!

2. I also like to take plenty of TIME when it comes to posing my clients! I refuse to rush through a pose because that’s only going to make you even more nervous! We’ll go slow & easy!

3. We’re also going to keep your poses NATURAL! I will actually look for your natural mannerisms to see what kind of posing we should do to reflect your natural personality!

Are you ready to have a BLAST at your senior session without any worries?!?! Let’s connect! Contact me at and leave me your email. Then I’ll e-mail you our senior magazine that has even more details about our client experience!

The #1 fear my clients have is…

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