Favorite Ways to Display Your Photos


Now that you have had your session, let’s figure out what to do with them. This month, I will share some of my client’s favorite ways of displaying their portraits.

Wall Art

When it comes to wall art, I always ask my client the following questions: Which wall are you thinking of hanging your images on? How big is your space? Do you want a single image or a wall collage? What is the decor in the room? What type of finish are you thinking? Now, let’s dissect each question. 

1. Which wall are you thinking of hanging your images on?

The style of the image will impact the environment where you will hang it. Is the space a formal area or a more casual place? If your image is more of a formal nature, you will want it in the formal section of your house and vice versa, with a more casual image in a more informal space of your home. 

2. How big is your area?

The size of your wall will impact the feeling of your portrait. Say you have a 16-foot long wall. If you were to put a single 11 x 14-inch picture, it would make the image feel and look small like a 5 x 7-inch or an 8 x 10-inch print. 

3. Do you want a single image or a wall collage?

This ties back into the question above. The wall space will determine how many pictures you can use to fill the space. Below are a few examples of using these questions to determine how many images will work on your wall.

4. What is the decor in the room? What type of finish are you thinking?

There are a variety of options to print and finish your beautiful images with, such as a matted and framed, wood, metal, acrylic, and canvas. Matted framed prints and canvas prints go well with traditional decor. Wood and metal prints lend themselves to that industrial farmhouse look. Metal and acrylic prints are an excellent addition for a contemporary and modern feel. 


Some clients have run out of wall space over the years, so they have chosen to start an album collection. With albums, you can feature more images within the pages than on the wall. When it comes to designing your albums, you have so many options to make them extremely personal, from the album cover, thickness of pages, how many images on each page to the writing on the pages.

Images Boxes

This is a new trend with my clients, especially if they are also purchasing their digital images from me. Many choose to buy an image box that has a proof print of each of the digital images. Then on the spine of the image boxes, they put either the year or the year and the child’s name and line them up on the bookcase just like albums.

There are other ways of displaying your pictures. Just be creative and talk to your photographer. Together you will create beautiful displays that will become family heirlooms for generations to come.

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